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Activated Carbon Injection System

Activated carbon is a unique element which has huge capacity for adsorption in gas and fluid phases. It possess and extraordinary place in delivering a perfect environment including water and air cleansing, and in addition as separations and treatment in the chemical and associated industries. And, Activated Carbon Injection is the most settled commercial innovation for diminishing mercury emissions from flue gases. It is one of the most financially savvy and cost-proficient approach to decrease dioxin and mercury emissions from most boilers.

As a pioneer in purification processes, Heritage Carbon outlines activated carbon injection (ACI) frameworks for different kind of requirements. It includes vast choice of standard plan ACI systems which are based on our years of experience with the coal-terminated power and cement enterprises. Apart from this, our well profound team can customize and provide an integrated system for reducing mercury emissions which incorporates various Absorption technologies and PAC injection as per your specific requirement; that too cost effective. The project engineers and architects will work intimately with your designing group to guarantee that all specifications and prerequisites are incorporated into ACI Systems ensuring consistent coordination into the plant where it will be introduced.


  • Cost Efficient approach
  • Satisfied performance
  • Simple to work
  • Low maintenance costs

Our aggregate coordinated framework approach to deal with pollutant mitigation can furnish you with the best adaptability, performance and sureness while limiting capital and working expenses.
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