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Carbon Reactivation Services

Activated Carbon is utilized in an extensive variety of phase applications. Activated carbon draws in and holds organic synthetic substances from vapor and liquid streams cleaning them of undesirable chemicals.But adsorbents for the most part have a constrained life time and should be managed once they are immersed or the treatment objective is come to. To help you with all of your activated carbon needs, Heritage Carbon has got your back.

Apart from, virgin activated carbon, we offer reactivated activated charcoal for use in the food and refreshment, gas and air, wastewater, consumable water and synthetic compounds markets.

What is Carbon Reactivation?

Carbon reactivation is the way toward using high temperatures taken after by steam in various hearth furnace to evacuate organic mixes adsorbed onto the carbon amid normalutilization. It a cost effective process also. You can save a couple of bucks as reactivated carbon is much cheaper than virgin charcoal.

Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly Services

We offer the services for reactivation and management for your spent carbon at our own facilities. There are various disposal and reusing services depending upon the procedures in which they have been utilized.The best part about this is that reactivation creates just around 20% of the ozone depleting substances produced in making virgin activated carbon and it can be reactivated up to multiple times.
Call us for spent carbon removal, substitution, transportation, and reactivation or transfer services.

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To help you with all of your activated carbon needs, Heritage Carbon has got your back.

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